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Artist Biography

Alisha Brown grew up in the upper peninsula of Michigan where she had three brothers, a national forest and a stuffed purple dragon to help her imagination grow. She went to college for approximately 9 years and received a BS in Biology and a Ph. D. in Ecology. Her education took her to Virginia where she met her husband, who takes her on adventures throughout the United States courtesy of the U. S. Navy.  The opportunities to travel both in graduate school and as a Navy wife, have allowed her to explore wild lands all over this country. These experiences inspire her creative process.


Alisha works in colored pencil and is an active member of the Colored Pencil Society of America, where she is the webmaster for the Washington D.C. chapter and has recently achieved signature status. She loves the precision of colored pencil and the rich colors achieved with numerous layers of wax. “I can’t believe that’s colored pencil!” is an exclamation she often hears about her work. Her recent drawings are photorealistic representations of nature - with a twist such as prismatic light or dramatic color alterations.


She also paints abstracts in acrylic using a jar instead of a brush. In some ways this style of art is the opposite of her colored pencil work. She attempts to capture the wild freedom of nature with large gestures and strokes. She uses a jar instead of a brush as a way of relinquishing the precise control integral to her colored pencil work. Despite these two wildly different approaches to making art, she always endeavors to showcase the beauty of the universe we live in.


Alisha’s art has been shown in galleries all over the country and now that her two children are in school full time, she looks forward to taking the next step in her art career - finding gallery space for her newest creations.

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